Fitness Friday: The Surprise 5k

I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Friday. It was disappointing to say the least. But hey, at least today is Frida for real and the weekend is close enough that I can smell the Easter candy. Hallelujah!

Speaking of Easter…how adorable is this cake from my barre studio? #SweatForSweets

photo 5-167

With treats like this hiding at every corner, it’s a good thing I have been slowly getting back into the swing of fitness things…

Friday: 45 minutes Stix. Love.

photo 1-390

Saturday: 3 mile run through campus before the spring football game. This made me wildly excited for football tailgating this Fall.

Favorite koozie ever

Favorite koozie ever

Sunday: Ran errands. Sometimes that counts as exercise. On a side note, shopping for baby clothes is the best kind of shopping. Hold your horses, not my baby.

photo 3-333

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 15 minute resistance band workout/ 45 minutes piloxing-esuqe class

Wednesday: 30 minute core class. This was literally 30 minutes more core work than I’ve done in months. Ridic.

Thursday: 1 hour barre in the AM/5k in the PM. I had kind of forgotten about this 5k. After a large lunch of ravioli I decided to skip running and walked it with some coworkers.

This week I started a barre challenge (the more I go the next 30 days the more I save on my next month membership). Obvi I am the cheapest person in the whole wide internet so I will be at the barre every single day. Just like college. I kid, I kid…kinda ;) But seriously, my calves are exploding just thinking about it.

What are your weekend plans?

Favorite post workout snack?

Chocolate milk

Favorite thing to shop for?

Baby clothes

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Like a room without a roof

The other day I was killing time on Facebook while Matt caught up on Game of Thrones (I just can’t give two craps about that show…), I came across a quiz from TIME that analyzes the statuses of your Facebook friends to determine who is the happiest. The site searches posts for positive words like “happy” and “hilarious” and negative words like “pathetic” and “disaster” and assigns a score.

I found it interesting to see who Facebook determined to be my happiest friends compared to how I view their happiness in real life. In general I think social media happiness is a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Anyone can post a bunch of “I love my life” statuses when really they are miserable.  But it also made me think about happiness as a whole.

happiness quote

A while ago I read something that talked about how our outlook can affect our moods. Something as little as changing “Ugh I have to go to work” to “I am lucky to have a job that supports me“, can impact your mood. I was intrigued by this thought so I started counteracting every negative thought with a positive thought, immediately. “This run was slow and painful” turned to “Anyone can have a good run, only strong people don’t quit when it gets tough“. Hold the eye roll, pleaseI swear it works. Over time, my negative thoughts dwindled. Obvi I still have the occasional “OMG my life is the worst!” panic attack but I move on much more quickly than I did before.


I was never a negative person to begin with, but this definitely changed a lot about how I approached the world. In a world where everyone is trying to be bigger and better than the person next door, happiness can sometimes fall to the bottom of the priority list. So I started to make a conscious effort to seek happiness. Every day, I do something to make me happy. I seek, and savor, these moments. I am the queen of multi-tasking (blogging while watching TV and talking to Matt and eating dinner is a nightly occurrence), but for 15-30 minutes everyday, I take time to completely absorb happiness. Sometimes that means taking my favorite fitness class, sometimes that means sipping my favorite coffee and enjoying exactly how it tastes with each sip.

I also pay attention to the people around me. Hang out with people that are positive and uplifting, you feel inspired and content. Spend your time talking to someone that complains about their job/looks/finances/etc, and you probably feel like crap. Moods are contagious. That counts for our social media “friends”, too.  It may not seem like much, but why would you tolerate negative posts from the random girl from your freshman dorm that posts daily “I hate my job” rants if you wouldn’t listen to that in person daily? So, I cut ties. It is hard and it is awkward but sometimes it is necessary.


But honestly, the biggest tip I have about how to be happier comes from a Disney movie…

let it goShit happens. People will piss you off. Days will be ruined. Let it go. The only thing you can control in life is how you react to situations. So choose to be happy. Focus on the good. Screw the bad. And let it go.

What is your go to happy trick?

Anyone take the TIME quiz? What was your happiness score?

I got a 66%…and realized that the quiz doesn’t take into account sarcasm. whomp whomp.

Do you hold your social media friends to the same standard as the rest of your friends?

My rule is: If I wouldn’t be happy to see you in public and have a conversation, I do not need to be your friend on Facebook.


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WTF?! Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Congrats on making it half way to the weekend. This week’s WTF moments are oddly airline related. Good thing I rarely fly these days, the skies seem a little too nutty for me lately….

Sweet, Caroline! That’s an expensive album

neil diamond

While vacationing in South Africa, British Katie got the urge to download a Neil Diamond album…despite not having a data plan that supports that abroad. Imagine her shock when she was billed $4363 for that album.

Worst Wheel of Fortune contestant ever


Julian was representing Indiana University on Wheel of Fortune with a million dollars in his hand and all the letters on the board but lost because he mispronounced the puzzle. Then epically failed two other puzzles that were almost completely spelled out. But that’s not the worst part, he somehow beat the Alabama and Texas A & M students he was playing against.

You can’t say bomb on Twitter


A teenage girl decided it would be funny to send a tweet to American Airlines threatening a terrorist attack. Obviously the FBI showed up at her house and arrested her despite her series of “haha jk” tweets that followed. Moron.

X-rated turbulence for US Airways


US Airways is a little too active on social media. How active, you ask? Well when a customer tweeted an unhappy message toward the airline, they promptly responded…with an extremely graphic pornographic image. Ooops.

Build your own deadly enchilada


A woman was stopped at a Sonoma airport when it was discovered that there was an 8.5 inch knife inside the enchilada she was trying to bring on the plane. She said she made he enchilada herself but has no idea how the knife got in there. So they let her continue with her travel. Umm, whattt?! How is a woman that tried to smuggle a knife on a plane able to say “my bad” and continue on with her trip?! I would tweet my shock about this to the airline but Lord knows what kind of response I would get….

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How did we get here?

It’s been a while since I have done one of these posts and I don’t know why because they are seriously the best. The things people search the internet for to end up at my little blog is hilarious…and sometimes creepy if we’re being honest. Let’s see if I can answer some of your recent internet searches…

How to get a boy to touch my breast

You’re on your own for that…but I talk all about touching your own breasts HERE

Stadium workouts

My favorite! HERE are some!

photo 3-325

Grinch twerking video

As a lover of all things Seuss, the thought of this hurts my soul.

If you’re not first, you’re last

Honestly this is one of the most popular search terms. Apparently there are a lot of Ricky Bobby fans. Or people that just like to go fast.

Freckles dermatologist

THIS post talks all about the importance of getting your skin checked regularly

Starbucks socks for girls

I didn’t know these were a thing but I do take a lot of Starbucks shoefies?

photo 1-302

Never forget what your goal is

Good advice. That will definitely help you reach it.

What is the universe trying to tell me

Oh, this is deep. The universe is usually telling me to eat more tacos.

2188 days since our wedding

It has only been 37 days since our wedding but CONGRATS to you on {almost} SIX years!

Have fun today

I think we should have fun everyday.

Laying there images

Oh, I’ve got plenty of those.

laying in the grass

What makes you a runner?

Running. That’s it. THIS post talks about my thoughts on becoming a runner.

Roasted red pepper chick pea

I assume you are asking about roasted red pepper chick pea burgers. They are delicious and you can find the recipe HERE

Why is barre so expensive?

I have no idea…but I loovveee it even if it means that I eat Ramen noodles 4 nights a week.

barre socks

I hate the fox song.

Me too. 

Glass half full piss

Don’t drink that.

How did you find RunnerGirlEats?

What is the most random thing that has brought someone to your blog?

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Wedding: The Reception

For a look back at the other wedding recaps so far, check out my Wedding Page.


After the ceremony, Matt and I very quickly took some pictures with our bridal party and families

resized funny bridal partyWe have plenty of pics with everyone smiling and composed but this one of all of us laughing is my fav.

After we released our bridal party to the bar, Matt and I stayed behind to take a few more pics:

resized altar matt

resized shoe altarI think I have more pictures of me holding up my dress to show my shoes than any other pose. I’m ok with that.

We had about 20 minutes between wrapping up pictures and being introduced so we had a few quiet minutes together until we joined everyone at cocktail hour

resized sitting alone

Neither of us had any appetizers but heard there were plenty and that they were tasty (we tried most of them at our tasting a few months earlier). In true Miami fashion we had crab cakes, coconut shrimp, assorted empanadas and croquetas passed around and a cheese and fruit/veggie table.

Right before we were introduced, we made it official with our officiant (my Godfather), and best people (my sister and Matt’s bff)

resized signingAfter the bridal party was introduced and the first dances were done (you can read about the songs we used throughout the ceremony and reception HERE), Matt and I sat at a sweetheart table to eat our paella and churrassco steak. Somehow our photographer didn’t take a picture of the epic paella pot so all we have is our friend’s blurry iPhone pic, but man it was tasty:


Loaded with fish, shrimp, mussels, clams, calamari, lobster, and more. So good. There was also a dessert table with cupcakes, cookies and an ice cream bar:

resized dessert table

We both had only a few bites of dinner before we decided to get up and visit with everyone. The rest of the night was a giant party:

resized shotEvery once in a while I would stop and look around and honestly felt like I was in a dream. It was all too perfect to be real.

resized house

resized balcony viewEveryone warned me that the night would fly by and while it did, I honestly feel like I was able to absorb so much of it. I also don’t think I stopped smiling all night. Just thinking about the day/night makes me smile now. And judging by what I saw, I wasn’t the only one enjoying themselves.

resized matt father

My two favorite men

Hands down, this is my favorite picture of the night.

Best wedding food you ever had?

Favorite song to dance to at a wedding?

Shout. Absolutely favorite song.

Shots: yay or nay?









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Confessions: the 48 hour diet

Confession…Last weekend I had a stomach bug from hell. 48 hours of sipping ginger ale and then throwing up said ginger ale. Oh, did I mention that this was during a visit to my parents in Destin? Yea, I’m sure they are counting down the minutes until I come back to visit.

photo 3-330

I like options when sick.

Confession…Before last weekend I have not thrown up since the day I graduated college. Although that was definitely not related to a stomach bug and more related to poor decisions of a 22 year old.

Confession…The only thing getting me through those two days was knowing this red velvet donut was waiting for me. When I was absolutely sure that it would stay put, I inhaled it and it was magical.

photo 5-165

Confession…Every day at lunch, Matt calls me twice. On the first call we chat about our day so far, what our plans are for dinner, yada yada yada. On the second call, I answer and say “Hello? Hellloooo? Matt?? Are you there?” and listen to him fumble around. Yep. I am butt dialed

Confession…It was STORMING Monday night so obviously that meant we had to have a Seinfeld marathon while I recovered from my bug and I think I have found my favorite episode ever. The Yada Yada Yada episode. Matt could not stop laughing at how I knew every word and still burst out laughing at every scene. A close second for my favorite episode is the Dinner Party episode with the chocolate babka.

yada yada

Confession…This week Nuberri was having a profit share for our local Girls on the Run. Thursday night I made the largest serving of froyo that I have ever made and justified it by saying “It’s for a good cause“. I am completely ok with this decision.

photo 2-400


Confession…I came across this quote the other day and just love it. First, because it is a great thought. Second, because I love all things Muppet related. Ms. Piggy is probably the celebrity I can relate to the most.

photo 1-388What is your go-to drink when sick?

Gingerale…or water. Gatorade is usually too sugary for me.

Favorite childhood characters?

I loovvee the Peanuts and the Muppets.

Anyone else love all things Seinfeld?


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Running is therapy

Yesterday I set out for my run like I do all of my after work runs: I change in the office bathroom, select my Pandora station of the day (yesterday was Bruno Mars), tie my hair in a bun, double knot my sneakers, and start running.

running shoes

I had no goal for the run-I just wanted to run. As I was finding my groove I focused on the details around me. The sky the kind of blue I dream about. Everything was blooming. All I could feel was the sunshine on my skin. Even though Bruno was singing in my ear, all I could hear was the sound of my feet hitting the pavement and heart beating. 10 minutes into my run I was so happy I could smile. So naturally, I started to cry.

Earlier this week I got news that caught me completely off guard. The kind of news that makes me wish I was a little kid but forces me to remember that I am an adult. The kind of news that you don’t really know how to handle so it just kind of comes out when you least expect it. Like when you are running through a park after work.

I have often told people that the reason I love to run is that it is me time. Running is my time to process my day. Plan my evening. Try to remember if I paid the credit card bill. Anything I want.

run therapy

Today my run was therapy. All of the thoughts that were jumbled in my head the past few days started to come together. Feelings that I didn’t understand, started to make sense. Then everything just came out. When I started my run, I felt confused and helpless. Life is still hard and often unfair, but for those 30 minutes, it was perfect.

Running may not solve all of your problems but it can absolutely change your outlook. And most of the time, that makes all the difference <3

When was the last time running was your therapy?

****edited to add: everything is fine…I probably made this sound much more dramatic than I intended. The news was not even directly related to me or my life but I related with it personally and deeply care for everyone involved. Not meaning to be vague, just not wanting to air all the details.

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