Go out and watch a marathon

This week was full of good vibes…

Meb won the Boston Marathon marking the 1st time an American has won it since 1983. He finished in 2 hours and 8 minutes…you know, 7 minutes faster than I ran my HALF marathon. Oh and he’s 38 years old.


Last year Celeste Corcoran was at the Boston marathon finish line with her daughter, Sydney, waiting for her sister, Carmen, to finish running. Celeste lost both legs in the explosions and Sydney suffered serious injuries as well. This year, Celeste and Sydney ran the last block of the marathon with Carmen.

marathon bombing victims

Henry Richard, brother of Martin Richard, the youngest of the bombing victims, laced up to race (and win) the Boston Youth Relay Challenge this weekend. This was the same race Martin ran last year.


A runner’s legs gave out near the 26 mile mark and the site of the first bombing last year. One runner stopped to help him along, then another, and then two more. The four strangers helped him until right before the finish line, where he crossed on his own two feet.

twitter marathon

When I started running in 2010, I hated it…every miserable step of it. I still am not sure why I wanted to ‘be a runner’, but something about it appealed to me. So I stuck it out eventually it sucked less…and then one day, I hit that magic spot that I was told I would find, and I was in love.  I had no idea what a gift running would become.

-Running gave me the confidence to set big goals and go for them.

-Running gave me peace and time alone with my thoughts.

-Running gave me respect for my body and everything that it is capable of.

-Running gave me humility because you can’t be anything but humbled by the sudden urge to find a bathroom rightthisminute.

-Running taught me that you get what you give. There are no shortcuts.

-Running taught me that you can plan out every little detail and still have everything hit the fan….and it’s never the end of the world.

This week running was front and center, not because of a vicious attack by cowards, but because running heals. I saw this article after the 2013 Boston Marathon and it’s still moving. Check it out: If you are losing faith in human nature go out and watch a marathon.

Let’s keep the positivity going…What has running given you? What/who inspires you?

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WTF?! Wednesday

Fingers crossed that the rest of this week flies by as fast as the first half…whew! Busy bee. But never too busy to browse the internet for the weirdest news I can find. Enjoy your dose of crazy:

That’s not what I asked the Easter Bunny for…


A woman and her three year old son were having an Easter egg hunt in their backyard when they stumbled upon a dead body under her deck. I am pretty sure that kid will never hunt for eggs again.

You can buy a lot of lap dances for $135k


A doctor went to Scores ‘gentlemen’s’ club in NYC, racked up thousands of dollars in lap dances, booze and food, then claimed he was drugged and skipped out on the bill. Then did the same thing a few nights later. And again. And one more time. I don’t know who is dumber…the strip club for allowing the guy to do the same thing 4 times or the doctor who returned to the same strip club and pulled the same scam four times.

Tinder loving creeps

tinder creep

A woman signed up for Tinder hoping to find a decent man. Instead she found a bunch of creepy guys with opening lines describing their ‘packages’. So the artist in her decided to draw portraits of said creeps with teeny tiny willies to post to her Instagram.

Who needs a boarding pass?


A California teen ran away from home and into the wheel well of an airplane bound for Hawaii. He spent most of the 5 hour trip unconscious due to freezing temps and thin atmosphere and will probably spend most of his teenage life grounded. Literally.

Cocaine arrested for Xanax possession


A Florida (obvi) man was arrested for illegal possession of Xanax…despite his last name being Cocaine. Irony.

Strangest last name you’ve ever heard? 

My elementary school principal was Ms. PuPu. yup. Like PooPoo. Poor lady.

Anyone on Tinder? Any creep stories to share? 

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Wedding: Top Ten Favorite Moments

Now that I have officially showed you a gazillion pictures of our wedding, I decided to do one final recap of some of the moments that helped make the day so perfect:

10. When I found out that our flower girl Kaitlyn was into Barbies, I knew instantly I was going to get her wedding Barbie as her flower girl gift. I lovedddd my wedding Barbie growing up and was so happy when she opened it and smiled ear to ear. But the best part came the next day when Kaitlyn came running up the stairs of the bridal suite in her flower girl dress with her Barbie in hand and said “Karen! I named my Barbie Karen because she looks just like you in your princess dress!“. I melted.

resized kaitlyn

9. With 150 guests at the wedding, it was really hard to spend a lot of time with anyone but I had 5 solid hours with my best girl friends, sister, and mom (and later Matt’s mom and sisters) getting ready in the bridal suite. None of us live in the same city anymore (from Texas to NYC to London and back to FL) so it was quality time that we don’t get very often. I could not have had better girls by my side and I hope they had half as much fun as I did.

resized girls at window

8. Our wedding day run. I got to shake out some nerves and do what I love to do most with Matt. The weather was gorgeous and we chatted about everything we were looking forward to in the next few hours. After a short run by the bay, we got our Mr and Mrs Starbucks. Perfection.

photo 2-384

7. The party. I sang Katy Perry. I took shots. I danced to Shaggy’s Angel with my mom…and then Baby Got Back with my husband. I laughed…a lot. And every time I looked around, everyone else was doing the same.

resized shot

dancing with rachel and steph

6. Being introduced to the FSU Warchant. Living in Tallahassee as FSU alum, we are pretty big Seminole fans. Our Fall Saturday’s are spent tailgating and cheering on our team so this just made sense. I loved hearing our friends and family chant along with us…and drown out the few Gators that tried to keep up. And I think everyone else enjoyed it because later on in the night, the Warchant was requested again ;)


5. My wedding day sneakers. Besides the obvious comfort factor, I loved the shoes because it felt like me. On a day when it is so easy to get caught up in “what you are supposed to do“, I loved that I had a little rebellion under my dress. I have worn them a few times since and smile the whole time. They are easily my favorite shoes :)

resized shoe altar

4. The weather. Booking a completely outdoor wedding in Miami is kind of risky. But Matt and I both agreed that we would rather be married outside in bad weather than inside on a gorgeous day so we gambled and it paid off. When I walked down the aisle it was 74 degrees, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and there was no humidity. The weather was better than what I imagined in my wildest dreams.

3. Matt’s reaction. Matt is not super emotional but we both knew that our wedding day had a big possibility of him crying. There were no tears on the cheeks but his face said more than he knows. I couldn’t stop staring at him the whole ceremony and just smiling at how happy I was.

resized matt

2. The walk with my father. It is no secret that I am my father’s biggest fan. When we first looked at this venue and saw the long walk to the ceremony location, I was instantly excited to have that extra time with him. Leading up to the day I thought that our walk would be emotional and full of tears but we spent the time joking and expressing how happy we both were. I loved every minute of it.

resized walk with father

1. Saying our vows. It’s way cheesy, but marriage is so much more than a wedding. I loved promising to love and respect my best friend in front of everyone that means so much to us. We both take these vows very seriously and feel so honored that everyone was a part of that moment. I will love Matt now and forevermore.

resized black and white kissI promise this is the last of the wedding recaps. To see the other wedding posts, check out my Wedding page. For more treats, check out Becky’s page.


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Easter in three

My weekend in pictures with three words:

Saturday morning run

photo 1-393

Easter basket treats

photo 1-394

Best hotdog toppingsphoto 2-405

Egg dying queen

photo 3-335

Cold weather wimp

photo 4-247

Cloudy and sunny

photo 5-169

Family wine tastingphoto 1-392

Balcony sunset viewphoto 2-404

One more sunset

photo 1-395

Matt’s prime rib

photo 3-334

Photobombed by pelican

photo 5-168

Sand dollar find

photo 2-407

Matt’s disappearing feetphoto 4-248

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Last time you were at a beach?


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Fitness Friday: The Surprise 5k

I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Friday. It was disappointing to say the least. But hey, at least today is Frida for real and the weekend is close enough that I can smell the Easter candy. Hallelujah!

Speaking of Easter…how adorable is this cake from my barre studio? #SweatForSweets

photo 5-167

With treats like this hiding at every corner, it’s a good thing I have been slowly getting back into the swing of fitness things…

Friday: 45 minutes Stix. Love.

photo 1-390

Saturday: 3 mile run through campus before the spring football game. This made me wildly excited for football tailgating this Fall.

Favorite koozie ever

Favorite koozie ever

Sunday: Ran errands. Sometimes that counts as exercise. On a side note, shopping for baby clothes is the best kind of shopping. Hold your horses, not my baby.

photo 3-333

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 15 minute resistance band workout/ 45 minutes piloxing-esuqe class

Wednesday: 30 minute core class. This was literally 30 minutes more core work than I’ve done in months. Ridic.

Thursday: 1 hour barre in the AM/5k in the PM. I had kind of forgotten about this 5k. After a large lunch of ravioli I decided to skip running and walked it with some coworkers.

This week I started a barre challenge (the more I go the next 30 days the more I save on my next month membership). Obvi I am the cheapest person in the whole wide internet so I will be at the barre every single day. Just like college. I kid, I kid…kinda ;) But seriously, my calves are exploding just thinking about it.

What are your weekend plans?

Favorite post workout snack?

Chocolate milk

Favorite thing to shop for?

Baby clothes

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Like a room without a roof

The other day I was killing time on Facebook while Matt caught up on Game of Thrones (I just can’t give two craps about that show…), I came across a quiz from TIME that analyzes the statuses of your Facebook friends to determine who is the happiest. The site searches posts for positive words like “happy” and “hilarious” and negative words like “pathetic” and “disaster” and assigns a score.

I found it interesting to see who Facebook determined to be my happiest friends compared to how I view their happiness in real life. In general I think social media happiness is a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Anyone can post a bunch of “I love my life” statuses when really they are miserable.  But it also made me think about happiness as a whole.

happiness quote

A while ago I read something that talked about how our outlook can affect our moods. Something as little as changing “Ugh I have to go to work” to “I am lucky to have a job that supports me“, can impact your mood. I was intrigued by this thought so I started counteracting every negative thought with a positive thought, immediately. “This run was slow and painful” turned to “Anyone can have a good run, only strong people don’t quit when it gets tough“. Hold the eye roll, pleaseI swear it works. Over time, my negative thoughts dwindled. Obvi I still have the occasional “OMG my life is the worst!” panic attack but I move on much more quickly than I did before.


I was never a negative person to begin with, but this definitely changed a lot about how I approached the world. In a world where everyone is trying to be bigger and better than the person next door, happiness can sometimes fall to the bottom of the priority list. So I started to make a conscious effort to seek happiness. Every day, I do something to make me happy. I seek, and savor, these moments. I am the queen of multi-tasking (blogging while watching TV and talking to Matt and eating dinner is a nightly occurrence), but for 15-30 minutes everyday, I take time to completely absorb happiness. Sometimes that means taking my favorite fitness class, sometimes that means sipping my favorite coffee and enjoying exactly how it tastes with each sip.

I also pay attention to the people around me. Hang out with people that are positive and uplifting, you feel inspired and content. Spend your time talking to someone that complains about their job/looks/finances/etc, and you probably feel like crap. Moods are contagious. That counts for our social media “friends”, too.  It may not seem like much, but why would you tolerate negative posts from the random girl from your freshman dorm that posts daily “I hate my job” rants if you wouldn’t listen to that in person daily? So, I cut ties. It is hard and it is awkward but sometimes it is necessary.


But honestly, the biggest tip I have about how to be happier comes from a Disney movie…

let it goShit happens. People will piss you off. Days will be ruined. Let it go. The only thing you can control in life is how you react to situations. So choose to be happy. Focus on the good. Screw the bad. And let it go.

What is your go to happy trick?

Anyone take the TIME quiz? What was your happiness score?

I got a 66%…and realized that the quiz doesn’t take into account sarcasm. whomp whomp.

Do you hold your social media friends to the same standard as the rest of your friends?

My rule is: If I wouldn’t be happy to see you in public and have a conversation, I do not need to be your friend on Facebook.


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WTF?! Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Congrats on making it half way to the weekend. This week’s WTF moments are oddly airline related. Good thing I rarely fly these days, the skies seem a little too nutty for me lately….

Sweet, Caroline! That’s an expensive album

neil diamond

While vacationing in South Africa, British Katie got the urge to download a Neil Diamond album…despite not having a data plan that supports that abroad. Imagine her shock when she was billed $4363 for that album.

Worst Wheel of Fortune contestant ever


Julian was representing Indiana University on Wheel of Fortune with a million dollars in his hand and all the letters on the board but lost because he mispronounced the puzzle. Then epically failed two other puzzles that were almost completely spelled out. But that’s not the worst part, he somehow beat the Alabama and Texas A & M students he was playing against.

You can’t say bomb on Twitter


A teenage girl decided it would be funny to send a tweet to American Airlines threatening a terrorist attack. Obviously the FBI showed up at her house and arrested her despite her series of “haha jk” tweets that followed. Moron.

X-rated turbulence for US Airways


US Airways is a little too active on social media. How active, you ask? Well when a customer tweeted an unhappy message toward the airline, they promptly responded…with an extremely graphic pornographic image. Ooops.

Build your own deadly enchilada


A woman was stopped at a Sonoma airport when it was discovered that there was an 8.5 inch knife inside the enchilada she was trying to bring on the plane. She said she made he enchilada herself but has no idea how the knife got in there. So they let her continue with her travel. Umm, whattt?! How is a woman that tried to smuggle a knife on a plane able to say “my bad” and continue on with her trip?! I would tweet my shock about this to the airline but Lord knows what kind of response I would get….

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