Fitness Friday: Motivation Suckers

Whew, what a week! Between a weekend full of house guests and tailgating and a week at my new job, I am beat! Fitness wise this week wasn’t the best. It seems like that is the theme of my fitness routine lately. I recently wrote a post about my favorite tips to get out of a funk and the first thing I suggested was figuring out why you are in the funk to begin with. So that’s what I did yesterday. Here are the main ‘running motivation suckers‘ I am battling right now:

  • My pace is not improving. Like, at all.
  • Other workouts just seem like more fun
  • I’m constantly tired
  • Not sure how I should be training
  • Girl stuff (sorry to the 3 boys that read this blog)

So I addressed each bullet point head one:

  • My pace is not improving because I do all of my runs at the same pace, never easier, never faster. I really need to start doing long, SLOW runs and dedicate one day a week to speed work.
  • Use other workouts as a reward for a good run. Have a good run on Monday? Reward myself with a hot yoga class Tuesday. Yes, I am bribing myself to workout with another kind of workout. Crazy, but it works.
  • Go to bed. Like, now. No tech stuff after 9pm to force me to get some zzz’s.

good laugh and good sleep

  • I haven’t had a race to train for in a longggg time so my workouts have been kind of whatever, whenever. That was fun for a little while but now I really need a plan to keep me focused. (more on developing training plans later)
  • Eat some chocolate. Probably won’t help in the fitness area but, damn, does it taste good.

Ok, enough whining. Here’s a look at the few workouts that did happen this past week:


Fartleks-5ish miles

grass shoes

I had the morning off so I left my Garmin at home and just ran by feel…then stretched in a field. I honestly loved every step of this run.


Marathon…of Tailgating.

FSU beer


Dot Drills


Planned rest day after a long weekend/first day of work


3 mile run with Matt through FSU. Kept it slow.




I did THIS arm workout.

What was your favorite workout this week?

How are you feeling about running? Anyone else not loving it?


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9 Responses to Fitness Friday: Motivation Suckers

  1. Kelly says:

    And here I thought the Irish proverb was “What Butter and Whiskey Don’t Cure, There is No Cure.”

  2. Sometimes (most times) it’s the only solution.

  3. I love the idea of bribing yourself with other workouts… I need to try that!

  4. Em says:

    I can totally relate to the my speed is not changing issue I have this problem and although I’m a slower runner than you and run less I do the same run all the time. Same distance, same speed (ish) and same place – From next week variety is going to be the spice of my life :)

  5. Awesome that you are tackling each thing and going for it. I’m embracing the “other workouts” and cross-training and I think it’s helping my running.

  6. I go up and down with running. Right now I’m feeling up, a couple weeks ago I was feeling down. I like the idea of rewarding yourself with a more fun fitness class for doing a run!

  7. My favorite workout was my 6 miler yesterday! I haven’t really done anything over 3 miles in 2 months. So I was pleasantly surprised when that 6 miles was done easily at a faster pace!! I’m a strong believer in just doing what makes you happy. If you don’t want to run, then don’t. Don’t feel like a long run but feel like a speed run, then run that. It just makes the workout more enjoyable when you really want to do it :)

  8. christina says:

    my favorite part of this post was “eat some chocolate.” duh!

  9. I DEFINITELY go through running highs and lows. In fact, I was burnt out, feeling some aches and pains, and I have taken off the entire week from running. Instead, I have been doing crossfit workouts (and circuit stuff). my favorite workout occured yesterday with just two simple exercise– Power Squat Cleans and Burpees. I did them to basically exhaustion!! So great :)
    it is absolutely natural to get tired of running… and I find that actually getting away from it will make you want it! You wont lose your training in a week or two break (as long as you keep cross training) so give your body what it wants!!

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