WTF?! Wednesday

Here is my round up of all of the things from around the web that made me think (and sometimes say out loud…) WTF?!

Kardashian Kristmas Kard

kim-kardashian-02-600Nothing says Merry Christmas like sad Elvira impersonators (and Bruce Jenner) in an abandoned Vegas casino. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?!

Poor sportsmanship

Bad night for Bama fans, GREAT night for NOLE fans

Bad night for Bama fans, GREAT night for NOLE fans

An Alabama fan shot and killed another Alabama fan because she didn’t think that the other woman was upset enough about Bama’s loss on Saturday.

Pig Out Pants

george costanza

Last Wednesday I was sitting at the dentist office listening to Rachel Ray discuss Thanksgiving wardrobe options, including pig out pants. Do we really need a fashion segment on how to select the appropriate pig out pants? PSĀ All I could think of was George Costanza and his sweat pants.

Don’t use the salad fork!!


Spending time with family for the holidays can be stressful. Just ask this South Carolina man that hit his breaking point while arguing about which silverware to use then stabbed his brother.

Cutting hair without a top? No biggie. Cutting without a license? Jail.


A woman in north California has been cutting hair topless for awhile which the cops were ok with…but then they found out she didn’t have a license to cut hair and off to jail she went.

What’s that in your ear? Oh, just a dandelion.


Earlier this week a doctor in China removed a dandelion growing in the ear of a 16 month old girl. In related news, I am now panicking about years of swallowing watermelon seeds.


What has made you go WTF lately?

Anyone else posing in an abandoned casino in scary outfits/poses for their family Christmas card?


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13 Responses to WTF?! Wednesday

  1. I look forward to these posts every week! They are hilarious. My husband told me about the Kardashian Christmas card yesterday… how strange are those people!?!?!!

  2. I watched the Kardashian Christmas shop last night and they showed the photo shoot. It was so strange, my mouth was open the whole time. Happy to see it made your WTF list!

  3. I love the sonogram picture with the watermelon in it! Reminds me of an old “Rugrats” episode where one of them swallows too many watermelon seeds.

  4. I had no idea about the Alabama thing! That’s just absurd and sad!! It’s just football people!!! Anyway I did laugh about the woman who cut hair topless. I think the cops need to pick and choose their battles. lol!

  5. Taryn says:

    I was so upset when I saw the Kardashian Christmas card.. they totally stole my idea! ;)

    The Alabama thing is RIDICULOUS though.

  6. Hahahaha I just watched their Christmas episode last night and was wondering the whole time, “how is this christmas-y at all?” They were so worried that if they kids or Bruce wasn’t in it it wouldn’t be anything like a Christmas card…..They arrest her for not having a license? They should have arrested her for doing it topless haha! I swear, people just get flat out crazy during the holidays!

  7. oH my goodness these were great!!!
    The dandylion in the ear really really grossed me out and made me squirmy for some reason…
    And that Alabama/Auburn game was INCREDIBLE but hardl worth killing over!
    And cutting hair topless sounds awesome in my opinion:)

  8. suzan says:

    The Kardashians, totally stole my Christmas card setting.
    I swear, you just can’t do anything these days without some big shot family doing it as well ;)
    Now, I guess I will have to go the old standard, pictures of us having good times on my card.
    Thanks Kris.

  9. Haha I saw the Kardashian episode where they filmed the card. It’s definitely weird and I don’t see how it has anything to do with Christmas, family, holiday, anything really.

  10. Oh man, I should not have clicked the link in the ear story above. Ugh.

  11. Carson says:

    What I love about the Kardashian card, is that Bruce and Kris are getting divorced, yet he is still on the card. (I am embarrassed that I know this much about the Kardashian family).

  12. Oh the Kardashians….

  13. Jan says:

    OMG, there was a dandelion growing in her ear! Ugh, how did happen? And a woman shot someone over their reaction to a football game? Seriously! The world really is a crazy place at times!

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