Fitness Friday and #Elf4Health

The past two weeks have been somewhat of a whirlwind (and yes, I realize I say that pretty much every week). But this time I actually mean it. Between my Fight for Air Climb, house guests, and traveling for Thanksgiving and a wedding last weekend, I barely had time to shower. Perfect time to start half marathon training right? Ha. Here’s a recap of the last week or so of workouts:

Black Friday: 5 miles on hotel treadmill.


This was the first long run of the training plan and my legs felt good. However, my stomach was still recovering from Thanksgiving. Apparently I over carb loaded.

Saturday: 2 miles on hotel treadmill + shoulder work

Sunday: bupkis.

Monday: 2 miles through my old neighborhood. Nearly exploded a lung after spending the night at a house with a cat.

Tuesday: 3.5 mile run with Matt. Felt good.

Wednesday: Ran…from store to store and from the couch to the kitchen. Other than that, nothing.

Thursday: 3 mile run with 10min tempo.

If you are looking at this and thinking,¬†’hm what kind of weirdo training plan is she following?’ The answer is, she is not. In theory, I am following a plan that has me doing speed work twice a week + one long run with 2 days cross training in between and one total rest day. In actuality, that plan is hanging on my fridge as a decorative piece of art and nothing more. I do plan on getting in my long run once a week and two-three other run days in there but after 9 days I have already learned that I will not last doing speed work twice a week for the next two months. These legs don’t do fast.

And since we are already recapping, let me do a little recap of the #elf4health challenge. As expected, the first week (week of Thanksgiving) was tough. I completely missed burpee day which was a bummer {{sarcasm}} and did not realize until the end of Saturday that I was supposed to track my water. But if you count wine as water than I had a massive intake Saturday. This past Tuesday and Wednesday were the easiest challenges for me. Tuesday, Eat the Rainbow:

After our run we went to our favorite breakfast spot where I got an egg white omelet with swiss and salsa, whole wheat toast and fresh fruit. I think I hit every color on the spectrum in this one dish.

photo 3-274For dinner I had one of my favorite cold weather dishes: Cauliflower Baked ‘Potato’ Soup

Seriously, this is a deliciously light version of the classic potato soup.

Thursday, I worked out with my buddy, Matt. This is probably cheating since I work out with Matt almost daily but it was still fun.  Running with a buddy>running alone. Always.

photo 1-316

Today’s challenge is to leave an Operation Beautiful note somewhere. I first heard about OB through the Healthy Tipping Point and think it is such a great concept. Check it out and leave a note yourself <3

How are you Elf for Health challenges going?

Do you follow a training plan?

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9 Responses to Fitness Friday and #Elf4Health

  1. Can’t wait to check out that soup recipe!

  2. I have a half in January but I haven’t really been following any sort of plan… oops :) I typically do but since I’m coming back from injury I am not putting pressure on myself, I’m just running how I feel.

  3. I just started my training for the Boston Marathon this week – I’m following one of the plans in Brad Hudson’s book Run Faster but I’m making a few adjustments to his recommendations. I think its important to pick a plan that will provide structure but then switch it up to accommodate your needs/preferences!

  4. Carson says:

    Sometimes my favorite runs are the ones where I follow no plan, and just do what I feel. I follow a plan if I am really gunning for a PR or training for a big race. Most of the time, I just do what feels good.

  5. I love the notes for OB! I have found them in restrooms and I love giving back! I am following a training plan because i’m training for a marathon. After this training though I won’t be following anything!

  6. I kind of think training plans are overrated, too. So long as you get in a long run and have an idea of what else you’d like to do, I think you’re good!
    Whenever I try to follow a plan, I get stressed if I’m not following it precisely!

  7. Eh, I think training plans are over rated anyways. I know if I was training for a marathon or half marathon I definitely wouldn’t be following a plan. I don’t really like them. We are all different when it comes to preparing for a race, so why follow a generic plan??? No elf4health for me! I would probably forget every day to do it haha

  8. I will start training for a marathon in January but I only plan out my long runs- I don’t plan out my mid week runs.

  9. Never have I ever followed a running plan. I always mean to, but I find I end up switching up days so frequently based upon how my legs are feeling, the weather, what I have TIME for, etc. And especially since I am no good at “easy” days… so I turn a 5 mile recovery run into an 8 mile tempo if my legs happen to feel good.

    BUT, I have new marathon goals for next year, and I am really really going to try and force myself to follow a plan!! ((we shall see….;))

    That breakfast = YUM.

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