Three x Three

Three lists of three things…for no other reason than lists are my favorite.

Top Three Things I’ve Eaten This Week:

1. Knaus Berry Farm cinnamon buns and chocolate shake. A few weeks ago I was in Miami and waited in line for 40+minutes only to be told they were sold out. I made sure that didn’t happen this time by arriving 2 minutes after they opened Monday morning.

knaus berry farm cinnamon buns

2. Our wedding tasting. When we first started to think about what kind of food we wanted at our wedding I immediately wanted paella. I am happy to say my wedding wish came true and come March 8th our guests will be eating a delicious seafood paella or churassco steak (aka Matt’s wedding wish)


3. Mulled wine. Since Matt and I are on a bit of a staycation the past few days, we have been partying real hard. And by partying real hard I mean drinking mulled wine on the couch while watching The Santa Clause. For the mulled wine recipe we used, click HERE. For reasons why The Santa Clause is the best Christmas movie ever, click HERE.

Top Three Staycation Activities

1. Mid-morning run on the St. Marks Trail in 60degree and sunny weather.

st marks trail

2. Decorating the Christmas treein garnet and gold, of course ;) I am still on the hunt for the perfect tree topper so until then I will have a scandalous, topless tree.

christmas tree

3. Sleeping in until 7am every morning. A girl could get used to this!

Top Three Random Things

1. This quote. Don’t worry, be happy.

charlie brown

2. This little girl and her 911 call. Please listen to this and smile.

3. With the wedding just 93 days away (thanks, wedding countdown!) I figured it is probably time to start looking at some invitations. After falling in love with my Save the Dates, I went back to Emily’s Etsy store to see what I could find for invitations. I then fell in love with everything and have started to plan 17 other parties just to use the adorable invitations/announcements. 

Tell me three things.

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14 Responses to Three x Three

  1. Oh my goodness finally someone who loves the Santa clause as much as I do! Thank you so much for the link to the 10 reasons why it is great, made my day! :-)
    I think I know all the words to that movie… And the other two!

  2. those cinnamon buns look insane!

  3. You go girl with that wedding tasting… I LOVED going to ours- I am 100% certain we didn’t eat dinner that night because we were still SO stuffed!

  4. Carson says:

    1. My tree was decorated and beautiful until it fell over and now looks like a 12 feet tall Charlie Brown Christmas tree.
    2. I am off work until next Saturday and don’t know what to do with myself (maybe work on my broke down tree?).
    3. I have a pile of laundry on my bedroom floor that I have needed to fold for a week. I should probably get on that.

    These are the most random 3 facts ever.

  5. I just want to squeeze that little girl! What a calm cutie!

    I really like that Peanuts cartoon, too. So true.

  6. That little girl! Oh my gosh “we’re still in our jammies…and I’m in a tank top, so I’ll have to change.”

  7. Those cinnamon rolls look super good! No wonder you made sure you were there right as they opened. I loved that little girl on the phone with 911, super cute, I couldn’t help but smile and laugh a little. I recently listened to another one (on facebook) of this little boy that calls 911 because he needs help on his math.

  8. The cinnamon buns look so yummy!
    1. My tree is also top-less because our topper was top heavy?!
    2. I am ready for my semi-long week run!
    3. I am all done with holiday shopping!

  9. Oh my those cinnamon buns look so good. Three things: 1. It was great running on the sand again yesterday. 2. I landed a huge contract so December should be a good month financially. 3. The downside of that is that I’m working too much this month. OK so 3 wasn’t the most positive, but as a freelancer I guess I never know when I may have another slow month.

  10. um those cinnamon buns are slaying me. i want some nowwwww. i love the santa clause so much- i laugh aloud every time. it’s just such a fun plot and tim allen of course..

  11. I just signed up for another stair climb race in 1 month and I realized how out of shape my booty and quads are. Ouch!

    I seem to be getting steadily lazier with each day approaching christmas

    I am super jealous of the snow out west and wish I were skiing!!!

  12. Those cinnamon buns look incredible! Your wedding food also sounds amazing!
    Three things…I’m lying in bed reading blogs instead of getting ready for work, it’s only a high of -11 F today (brrr), and I’m super excited for another weekend in the mountains this weekend!

  13. 1. My tree is also topless- ooh la la!

    2. I just need to make it through these next two days and life will calm down for a little.

    3. It was 60 here yesterday but it was around 53- not too shabby!

  14. Jan says:

    A temporarily topless tree? That is scandalous! ;-) Three things for me would be that I’m currently trapped in my house due to gale force winds outside (it’s ok though – I have hot chocolate supplies! :-) ), my favourite Christmas movie is A Christmas Carol (with Patrick Stewart), and if I ever get married I’m determined to get married at Culzean Castle – It looks like a fairytale castle in person!

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