Fitness Friday: No Crunch Ab Workout

Usually when I say I am busy, I am just really behind on my Real Housewives episodes. But lately, I have actually been super duper busy. Good busy, but busy nonetheless. At some point, I lost my weekend motivation. I used to dominate my weekend workouts and slack off during the week but lately it’s quite the opposite. My only goal this weekend is to get in some quality workouts…and tailgating ;) Soon I will be back with a more normal schedule so that it will be somewhat easier to have consistent motivation…and I can finally figure out if Adriana is married or not.

adriana miami crazy

Seriously, though, is she?!

Here’s a recap of my workouts from last week:


Chest+triceps+abs (4 minute ab routine)


Planned on running after volunteering with The Color Runbut ended up showering and watching college football all day instead. Oops.



Lately I have been going to the stadium and just running until I am tired, without any real plan and that’s exactly what I did Sunday. I ran up 4 aisles without any rest, took 2 minutes to catch my breath and drink water. After that I would stop to rest for 30 seconds after every other (sometimes every) climb. I also did jump squats in the band section, got lost and faceplanted. It was eventful.


2 mile shake out run+abs

I tried out a new ab workout that left me so sore I feared sneezing or yawning for days after. Also there are no crunches so that is fun:

No Crunch Ab Workout

Ok, so technically the last move has the word ‘crunch’ in it but I don’t consider it a crunch. Just go with it.

***There are links to videos/pictures of each move listed at the bottom of this post




4 miles @ 10min/mile with :30second strides (@ 7:30min/mile) every 2minutes during miles 2-3.5. The strides were tough (hello, I don’t do 7minute anythings) but I felt fantastic and could have run longer if I didn’t have to be at work. Stupid work, always getting in the way.

Later that night I did lots of tennis ball rolling


I couldn’t make it to the gym but wanted to get in some strength training so I did two OnDemand workouts for the upper body. One was 16 minutes, one was 5 minutes, both included crazy amounts of reps with 5 lb dumbbells and worked me good. Then I did the No Crunch Ab routine.


Non Crunch Ab moves:

What workouts are you loving? Hating?

I am loving running. Hating anything having to do with weight training.

Am I the only person still watching the Real Housewives of Miami?

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10 Responses to Fitness Friday: No Crunch Ab Workout

  1. I know it’s so good for me but I just have such a hard time getting the motivation to do it :(

  2. I’m all about the squats lately!

  3. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  4. I’m so confused by it! How is she able to be so crazy all the time?!

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Adriana is crazy for her multi-sided marriage story!

  6. I am loving distance runs and progression runs as well as strength training (as long as it’s with my class). Hating speed work! Hating burpees as well…as always. But, I’m slowly getting better at them!

  7. Denny says:

    As a personal trainer, I love the fact that you put this post out. Crunches really aren’t the best option for working your abs, and have no benefit to the rest of the core. And Lord knows, strengthening the core as a whole is more important than just focusing on the abs.

    However, as a runner I am currently hating anything and everything associated with resistance training. I know how beneficial it is, especially core work, but I just don’t want to do it. I’ll take a run over a ‘workout’ any day!

  8. I am loving running and weights but hating lunges and squats! Great workouts, love the no ab workouts!

  9. I’m loving running, but it has to be a short run! Short and intense! I’m loving weight lifting, but I always hate doing abs hahaha, it jsut never changes, there will never be a day where I saw “Oh My Gawd, I’m so excited for abs today” hahaha NEVER. I do the same thing, my boyfriend has caught on, so now when I say I’m busy, he asks what I have to do, offering of course to help.

  10. Ugh, I hate weight training too, but it makes me feel better and I think it’s really beneficial, so I’m trying to make myself suck it up.

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